Lets get Waste-ed

Look around you right now. What can you see? Do you know the lifecycle of any of the things that surround you, how they were made, where they came from, where they will go when you are finished with them? Most of the things around you will be with us in one from or another for decades.

The world is drowning in plastic and choking on waste.

By Augsut 2017 the human race had already consumed more natural resources than the planet could renew in one year. If we continue at this pace of needless consumption, we will leave little for future generations.

It is time to shift away from this throw away culture and not in my backyard mentality, because it is in our backyard and our frontyard. Waste is everywhere.

Waste-ed has been formed not only to educate and build communities to solve waste issues, but to highlight and connect waste minimisation initiatives across Wellington.

Waste-ed run workshops, events and information session that cater to Wellingtonians. They also work with organisations, businesses and individuals that are working in waste minimisation.

We don’t have all the answers but we will work with and support those who do.

Wellington is full of innovators, entrepreneurs and waste conscious groups who are tackling waste across communities in Wellington. The Waste-ed team believes that the best way for us to win the war on waste is to work together, get informed and shift behaviour on an individual and societal scale.

Let’s get Wellington Waste-ed