Kooshoo Hair Ties
Kooshoo Hair Ties
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Kooshoo Hair Ties

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The world's first plastic-free biodegradable hair ties made using organic cotton and natural tree rubber.


These biodegradable hair bands offer a strong all-day hold while remaining gentle on your hair. Designed to fit on your wrist as a cute bracelet when they're off-duty. 


How long will Kooshoo ties last?

Rigorous lab tests have shown Kooshoo ties are 3x stronger than conventional glued hair ties.

What is Kooshoo made of?

Kooshoo hair ties are made from just 2 materials - organic cotton and natural tree rubber - and are hand-dyed using certified organic dye. 

What material is used for the packaging?

Packaging for all products is 100% recycled paper. 

How do I dispose of Kooshoo ties?

If put in a composting environment Kooshoo hair ties will fully decompose within ten years. Other plastic-based materials take approximately 500 years to break down.

How do I recycle the packaging?

Reuse the packaging yourself, compost it, or drop it in a cardboard or paper recycling container.

How does shipping work?

We ship internationally, SUSTAINABLY, so you can feel great about every aspect of your Kooshoo order! Products are shipped in recyclable, compostable packaging - no plastic, no styrofoam, nothing extra!