Grenades and Plastic Bags

A few weeks ago near my house there was a grenade found in the gutter on the street. There were a number of conspiracy theories thrown out there, but the one idea that to me seems most likely, and has stood out in my mind is this:

It’s been buried in the ground for over 60 years since World War 2, when New Zealand was trying to be prepared should the need come to defend ourselves. There was a storm, a lot of rain, and a small slip on the embankment and this grenade became dislodged. All the soil trickled away with the water to find a new home… but this grenade stayed in the gutter. If someone hadn’t seen it… who knows maybe it would sit there for another 60 years.

Now what does that have to do with plastic bags and more specifically, Boomerang Bags? That explosive, dangerous weapon was carelessly discarded years ago! How dare they not think about the future and the safety and the children and the kittens! OK… Lets not get hysterical…

But my point is this: Someone back then didn’t think of the future generations and was careless about disposal of something. And now our lives were at risk. How have we changed? Have we changed at all?

We keep carelessly throwing all sorts of things into the trash, to be buried in a landfill… which eventually gets covered over, and built on top of. So really, in 60 years time someone might be living on top of a landfill that I helped create? I would be disgusted if I knew my fresh spinach and strawberries were growing on top of a dump. Who knows what chemicals are in there. And when I dig a new garden bed… how am I to know what nasties or dangerous things I’ll find! “Disposable” razors? I don’t see those sharp blades decomposing any time soon. Plastic bags with dog poo in them… I’d really rather not dig one of those up!

So let me ask the question… how are we any better than someone who maybe accidentally lost that grenade over 60 years ago? We are doing this intentionally! We are actively throwing dangerous goods into the earth and contaminating it for our future generations! How do we expect the human race to survive on a planet made of crap that won’t decompose, won’t nurture anyone, and most certainly won’t help food to grow in the soil.