Composting is a natural process of breaking down organic material such as vegetable scraps and green waste into a rich soil amendment that gardeners fondly nickname Black Gold.

35% of waste going into Wellington landfills is organic and can be composted. Organic waste in landfill rots creating methane gas which is directly attributing to climate change. By composting your personal food waste you can reduce your impact on the planet.

While the Wellington City Council are discussing kerbside collection of organic materials, groups in the Wellington region are already taking action.


We make “doing the right thing” easy by simplifying sustainability for you We collect your food scraps and take it to our urban farm. We turn your waste into useful compost, rather than filling our landfills with methane producing organic matter No garden? Too busy? Don’t know how? We can compost your food scraps so you… Continue reading kaicycle

Capital Compost

Capital Compost processes about 6,000 tonnes of green waste each year. It includes food waste from Wellington restaurants and other premises collected by Envirowaste KTC and Organic Waste Management. All of this is processed on site at the Southern Landfill, where you can buy the compost and garden products. You can also phone ahead to… Continue reading Capital Compost

Organic Waste Management Limited

  Organic Waste Management (OWM) operates an organic waste removal service that collects “source-separated” food scraps from your premises and disposes of them in an environmentally sustainable method. Our aim is to minimise the environmental impact caused by food waste going into landfills, by re-using this valuable resource and turning it into quality compost for… Continue reading Organic Waste Management Limited