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Reusable Garbage Bag
Reusable Garbage Bag
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Reusable Garbage Bag

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The world's first reusable garbage bag that’s sustainable and functional.

TOMbag is just like your regular garbage bag, only it can easily be cleaned to use again and again. And it’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

    How do I clean my TOMbag?

    Wipe it with wet cloth or add some soapy water inside the bag and shake it around, then tip out the water. It's also machine washable.

    How often should I wash my TOMbag?

    You can wash it every 2-7 days depending on what waste you put inside it.

    Is TOMbag leak proof?

    It's 100% waterproof, meaning it will never leak garbage all over your floors like single-use plastic garbage bags do.

    What is TOMbag made of?

    Each bag is made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles.

    How long does TOMbag last?

    Your new TOMbag will last at least 12 months or longer provided you use the product as designed.

    How do I dispose of TOMbag?

    You can ship TOMbag back to the manufacturer for recycling.

    How do I recycle the packaging?

    Reuse the packaging yourself, compost it or drop it in a cardboard or paper recycling container.

    How does shipping work?

    We ship internationally, SUSTAINABLY, so you can feel great about every aspect of your TOMbag order! Products are shipped in recyclable, compostable packaging - no plastic, no styrofoam, nothing extra!