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Going Vegan Isn't Expensive

Thinking about going vegan? Well, well, well—we got a big spender on our hands! Get ready to break the bank, because vegan vegetables cost way more than regular vegetables. Thanks to their 24k gold plating and celebrity design, only the richest of the rich can afford the opulence of a meat-free diet (rumor has it Kanye West plans to unveil a new vegetable this fall!).

Kidding! But seriously, have you ever actually bought just fresh fruits and vegetables? It’s like the cashier forgot to ring you up. Going plant-based is fucking cheap! Even with all organic produce, the overall cost of raw ingredients pales in comparison to most processed and prepackaged foods.

For some reason though, people disagree. Going vegan is associated with spending a lot of cash — it shouldn’t be, and your diet doesn’t have to drastically change either. Eat the crackers, dunk in the hummus and take some comfort in knowing you’ve spared a lot of animal suffering.

Why Vegan Is Cheaper than You Think

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It’s no surprise that dining out costs more than making a meal at home — a single lunch at McDonald’s costs about the same as a day’s worth of home cooking, and that’s because raw ingredients are cheaper than prepared foods. While being your own chef takes a little more time, you’ll save a lot of money.

But what about the stuff that does cost more? When you shoot for a direct swap, like vegan burgers or a cheese substitute, you pay for the convenience. Boxed items at the grocery store just cost more.

That’s the thing though — going plant-based is all about getting creative and trying new, interesting dishes. Cuisines around the world are mostly non-meat dishes, using seasonal produce instead. It can take a little extra work, but that’s how going vegan makes life cheaper.

Meat Is Expensive

Look, at the end of any meal, you’re gonna be full (or close enough that a little dessert does the trick). Will your stomach feel any different with meat instead of plant-based foods?


You know where you will definitely see a difference? Your bank account. Meat is a top-billed primadonna that takes center stage and charges top dollar for it. Meanwhile, plant-based foods are the virtuosos in the pit orchestra who like hanging out together and consistently put on a great show.

Most meat substitutes are made from beans or hearty vegetables like cauliflower. With the right preparation and seasoning, they carry a similar texture and flavor to the usual meat products you love. You’ll be full without wincing in the checkout line. That’s cool.

Vegan Food Keeps Longer

All fresh food goes bad, but meat goes bad faster. There you are about to make a turkey club when you notice the deli meat is… slimy? Yikes.

Not true for beans though. They last forever (not science, but like, come on!), and so do oats and hemp seeds if stored properly. This shit can post up in your pantry for years without going bad, meaning if you want veggie burgers tonight, there’s no need to head to the grocery store.

No Brand Name Bullshit

Here’s another reason going vegan saves dough: you don’t pay for a label. Marketing costs are dumb, especially when we’re talking about something as simple as food. Come on, dude—you sell onions. No matter what it says on the bag, they’re probably gonna taste like regular onions.

Not only that, but going plant-based means shopping locally, which cuts down on all those small plastic bags handed out like candy in the grocery store.

Grab some cash at the ATM and visit your local farmer’s market. You’ll make more of your weekend days by waking up earlier, and you’ll end up with higher quality produce. Win-win.

Free Bill of Good Health

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You can’t put a price on your health, but you can go bankrupt from too many doctor’s visits in the U.S. Eating healthy and monitoring your foods for toxins is correlated with good health, and the vegan diet emphasizes nutritious meals.

Unless you have primo insurance, eating healthy is a lot more affordable than treatments for chronic diet-related conditions down the road.

Giving Up the Glam

The plant-based lifestyle doesn’t rely much on brand names and food trends. While your pals are out there talking about pork dumplings in SoHo, you’ll be chomping on homemade nachos and enjoying your favorite show on the couch. And you’ll be fabulously rich from all the money you saved.

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