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Secrets to an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

When a bathroom isn't stocked with what you need, it can throw your whole day off. Most of us know the horror of staying with someone who doesn’t share our hygiene standards. It’s… alarming.

For those of us who bathe (all of us, right? Bueller?), a lot goes into making sure there’s a steady supply of soap, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and of course toilet paper.

eco-friendly bathroom

But there’s the problem: these products all create tons of waste. Most products that can be recycled end up in a landfill anyway, and the other stuff—toothpaste tubes, q-tips, etc.— can’t be recycled at all.

So what’s the solution? You’re in luck, friend, because we made a list of our favorite waste-free bathroom products.

Terminating Toothpaste Troubles

Ready to say goodbye to that crinkly metal (or gasp! plastic) tube once and for all? Try these toothpaste tablets from Georganics. Chomp on one for a minute before brushing to brighten your smile without all the waste.

Toothpaste tubes contain plastic and aluminum, and while both are recyclable on their own, combining the two is more than most recycling plants can handle. Chewable tablets work just as well, and they come in a handy, stylish and easily recyclable glass jar

Need a sustainable toothbrush too? This bamboo beauty is calling your name. It's 100% plastic-free and made from one of the most renewable resources in the world. Even the bristles are plant-based.

Let’s Can the Shaving Cream Can

Shaving cream is fun to play around with, but the cans can’t be easily recycled. Use this shave bar by #Brunchgoals instead. Not only does it smell lovely, it lasts 3x longer than a can, since unlike the canned stuff it isn’t mostly water.

Shave bars are easy to use—just run your razor over the top and get to shaving.

And why not ditch the single-use razors while you’re at it? Bring your shower experience up a notch with one of these classy metal reusable razors. You'll feel like a boss and you'll never toss another plastic razor cartridge again.

The Forever Q-Tip

Let’s be honest—few things are more satisfying than a good ear cleaning. The q-tip reigns supreme for this job, but the resulting waste and production resources just aren't worth it.

This reusable LastSwab sends single-use swabs packing. It works wonderfully well, is easy to clean with soap and water or a mild astringent, and can replace up to 1,000 of its disposable alternative. We think millions of q-tips floating in the ocean is way grosser than a little ear wax, and LastSwab comes safely protected in its own corn-based case.

Shoving Off from the Shampoo Bottle

If there’s one thing every bathroom must have, it’s a good shampoo and conditioner. You know the kind that makes your hair soft and shiny and frizz-free? Now imagine a guilt-free version of your favorite luxurious lather that doesn't come in plastic!

Say hello to shampoo and conditioner bars from HiBar and The Hydrator. These little miracles do all the work of liquid hair care products without any of the packaging. They have varieties for all hair types, and are even used in professional salons. Do yourself a favor and try them out.

Toilet Paper That Gives a Crap

forst friendly toilet paper

Who Gives a Crap? and How We Roll sell 24-packs of 100% recycled toilet paper—meaning zero trees are killed for your clean bum. Who Gives a Crap? donates 50% of all proceeds to building toilets in developing countries, and How We Roll plants trees with each purchase.

Think of it like targeted toilet time. You get clean, forests get planted. Sounds like a win-win right? Plus the paper wrapping on each roll will look cute af in your bathroom.

Just Keep Trying

Switching to a zero waste lifestyle takes effort. These products are here to help you get there without sacrificing any major parts of your daily bathroom routine. What’s stopping you from trying them out today?