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How To Become a Guerilla Gardener

Sometimes, it’s good to get your hands dirty. You know, get into some good trouble. With the planet choking on CO2 and methane, we’d love to see governments and businesses capturing more soot from the atmosphere, but they seem more interested in outer space. That leaves us: the folks who pace the floor fantasizing about fixing the world’s problems.

To feed this not-so-irrational obsession, why not toss some seeds around and see what sprouts up — literally? Planting appropriate, native seeds (don’t go planting just anything) is a fun way to make a positive change, and going guerilla adds some much-needed thrill to it all.

For an eco-friendly solution you don’t have to buy, what’s not to love about guerrilla gardening?

Stealthily Sowing Seeds

walkways with colorful flowers

Ever heard of Liz Christy & the Green Guerillas? Hattie Carthan? They are just a couple of pioneers responsible for planting thousands of trees and hundreds of community gardens throughout NYC.

Restoring habitats is nothing new. People do it all over the world to add color and life to their surroundings, but with climate change ramping up, we gotta hop on the Save the Planet Express and get some CO2 vacuums in the ground ASAP — even if we have to go incognito.



Reply to @kendramiki just grabbing a sandwich 🥪 and sowing some wildflower seeds 🌱🌺🐝🦋 ##shalacoflowerseed

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The team at TikTok’s @sfinbloom has taken guerilla gardening thing to a new level. Using parmesan cheese shakers and native Californian seed blends, this duo is wandering the neighborhood and sprucing up environs with flowers and grasses, beautifying the world and capturing carbon.

Is guerilla gardening legal? Mmmm… we’ll let @sfinbloom answer that in this video. If you get in trouble though, you didn’t get the idea from us.

What Seeds Do You Plant?

Okay, this is important: only plant the right seeds. Invasive plants harm ecosystems as do non-native flowers, so make sure you know what you’re doing. If you’re unsure, your pals at Green Earth Gardeners have seed blends formulated for this exact purpose. You don’t have to be a botanist or a seed whiz, but you should take the time to research which plants belong there and which ones don’t.

Also, don’t try to grow food. While it might be fun to see pumpkins lining Main Street during autumn, they capture much carbon and will just waste more food. Shoot for grasses and flowers native to your region. Your local nursery will have some ideas for you, maybe even some blends of their own.

Where Do You Plant Stuff?


buildings with park bench and grasses

Once you get guerilla gardening on the brain, you begin to notice all these boring dirt patches around town. The cool thing about dropping seeds wherever you want is that you can drop them wherever you want!  

Some spots to think about might be:

  • Sidewalk strips
  • Planter boxes around trees
  • Lawns that need some love
  • Just off walking paths

If you feel like a space could use some extra color, toss some seeds.

Overall, have a good time with it! Life is crazy right now. Guerilla gardening is an easy way to make a positive difference in the world, and since you’re not Johnny Appleseed, you don’t have to do it shoeless.

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