Look around you right now. What can you see? Do you know the lifecycle of any of the things that surround, how they were made, where they came from, where they will go when you are finished with them? Most of the things you by will be with us in one from or another for decades.

Everywhere we look there is packaging and plastic.

The Waste-ed crew want this over-processed and over-packaged craze in Wellington city to be a thing of the past.

Ali, Jemma and Sarah all met while co-ordinating Boomerang Bags Wellington. Joining forces to rid Wellington of plastic bags was not enough. We bonded over the misinformation, misconceptions and mass problem of waste. Conversation after conversation and beer after beer we decided that we needed a city wide behaviour change. And so Wast-ed came to be.

Waste-ed is about building community and knowledge around waste in our city, from council to business to homes. We want Wellington to wake up to waste.